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Do not worry.

Because you just want to drown out your broken screams.

Aso may naiinitan din.

Be kind. The golden rule is true.

Patawanin mo ng patawanin hanggang ma-in love sa ‘yo. #fact

Celebrate the small wins and the big wins.

Bosses are people, too.

"Really?" Ito na siguro ang pinaka-nakakainis na tanong sa recit. Kasi, walang tamang sagot. Hindi mo naman pwedeng balikan ng "Really!" Sa haba ng sinabi mo, ito lang palang isang salitang tanong ang sisira sa credibilidad mong pilit mong pinagtagpi tagpi.

I’m convinced that most Filipinos are “inward” looking or parochial. We need to be more exposed to the world. We need more Filipinos to engage the world, to learn from the experience of our neighbors. We need to benchmark and to compete. In short, we need to travel more and import ideas and experience so we can convincingly question the status quo. Use our educators to espouse analytical and critical thinking. We need to question our norms and accepted standards. To post questions like, “Why is the Philippine government corrupt, and why are Scandinavian governments less corrupt?” I hear so many folks accept things like corruption as a matter of fact. Push through limits, push through boundaries.

I want to teach in the near future. To teach is to challenge. To teach is to question.

So hot!

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